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Welcome to W.J. Mangold Memorial Hospital

W.J. Mangold Memorial Hospital is a progressive 25-bed critical access hospital that has been providing medical services to the community of Lockney and surround areas since 1948. We serve thousands of people each year by providing caring and compassionate healthcare through a vast array of medical services.

A caring and compassionate healthcare team of 6 physicians, 4 Advanced Practice Providers and over 100 employees, WJ Mangold Memorial Hospital & Cogdell Clinics can help you get to your optimal health. From children to the elderly, we love each of our patients as our family. 

Revised Business Office Policies

W.J. Mangold Memorial Hospital and the Cogdell Clinics have revised some of the business office policies to strengthen the ability to collect past account balances and continue to provide services to residents of our community. At any time that the patient has an outstanding patient account balance from previous services and regular minimum payments are not being made, patient will be required to make one minimum monthly payment along with their current co-pay/deductible/coinsurance prior to service being rendered. If patient is unable or unwilling to do so, they will be asked to re-schedule their appointment for a later time when they are able to make such required payments. If the accumulated outstanding balances exceed $500, and regular minimum monthly payments are not being made, they will be required to visit with the Chief Financial Officer, Butch Forrest, about their outstanding balance prior to receiving treatment and appointment will be rescheduled for a later date. Copies of these policies can be viewed under the "About Us" section of this website under Business Office Policies.

Dr. Janson Announces Departure

It is with mixed emotions that I am informing you of my decision to resign from the Medical Staff of W.J. Mangold Memorial Hospital and Cogdell Clinics and relocate my practice to UMC Family and Children's at Wolfforth Clinic. It has been a great pleasure serving you and your families for the past 3 years.

Your medical records will remain with W.J. Mangold Memorial Hospital and Cogdell Clinic and are accessible to any of the providers you choose to see. l feel confident that my colleagues here will continue to provide you with the utmost quality patient care available. If you do make the decision to retain another primary care physician other than those associated with W.J. Mangold Memorial Hospital or Cogdell Clinic, you can submit a written request that a copy of your medical record be transferred to another practice or released to you. For more information on this please contact the Medical Records Department at (806) 652-3373 ext. 232.

Serving your healthcare needs has been a pleasure and I thank you for your loyalty and friendship during my time here. Best wishes for your future health.


Megan Janson, MD

W.J. Mangold Memorial Hospital Receives Performance Leadership Award for Patient Perspective from Chartis Center for Rural Health

Lockney, Texas, December 2022 - As part of the National Rural Health Day celebration, W.J. Mangold Memorial Hospital was recognized with a 2022 Performance Leadership Award for excellence in Patient Perspective. Compiled by The Chartis Center for Rural Health, the Performance Leadership Awards honor top quartile performance (e.g., 75th percentile or above) among rural hospitals in Quality, Outcomes and Patient Perspective.

"This award is confirmation of the hard work and excellent service provided by our physicians, advance practice providers and staff", stated Vince DiFranco Hospital CEO. "This national recognition is a reflection of the data gathered from our patient surveys and we are proud to be the one of 18 hospitals in Texas and the only hospital in our area to receive this award."

The Performance Leadership Awards are based on the results of the Chartis Rural Hospital Performance INDEX™, the industry's most comprehensive and objective assessment of rural hospital performance. INDEX data is trusted and relied upon by rural hospitals, health systems with rural footprints, hospital associations and state offices of rural health across the country to measure and monitor performance across several areas impacting hospital operations and finance.

"Although the last two years have placed unprecedented pressure on the rural health safety net, the dedication to serving the community that we're so accustomed to seeing from rural hospitals across the country hasn't wavered," said Michael Topchik, National Leader, The Chartis Center for Rural Health. "Let us celebrate the power of rural on National Rural Health Day and honor the facilities working tirelessly to provide access to high quality healthcare services to their communities."

# # #

For more details about The Chartis Center for Rural Health and the Chartis Rural Hospital Performance INDEX, contact Billy Balfour at


W.J. Mangold Memorial Hospital, in its effort to provide the most comprehensive medical services for our community, is proud to announce the opening of our Outpatient IV Infusion Center on October 18th, 2022. We provide infusion therapy services for IV antibiotics and chronic diseases in a friendly, welcoming environment that is close to home without the need to travel outside of the local community. Our registered nurses and trained Pharmacy staff have specialized training in IV infusion therapy and are focused on patient safety and comfort. The infusion room is supplied with comfortable leather recliners and many comforts of home. We are dedicated to making your experience a pleasant one. We offer a variety of Monday through Friday appointments including options for daily IV therapy if needed.

Outpatient infusion therapy can save patients hundreds, if not, thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket expenses compared to inpatient hospitalization, emergency room services, and home health services, saving patients time and travel expenses.

Most major insurance carriers are accepted including most state and federally funded plans. Medicare, Medicaid, HMO, and commercially insured patients qualify for outpatient infusion therapy. A wide variety of payment options are provided. Our mission is to provide our local community IV infusion services close to home, when they need it.

Our nurses and case managers are specially trained to provide a wide range of therapies and treat disorders such as infectious disease, rheumatoid arthritis, CIDP, allergic asthma, allergic urticaria, multiple sclerosis, chronic migraine, ulcerative colitis, and Crohn's disease.

Medications offered include: IV antibiotics, specialty injectables, blood products, Remicade, IVIG, Tysabri, Xolair, Orencia, Actemra, Benlysta, IV fluids, Neupogen, Procrit, Neulasta, and much more.

We are located at W.J. Mangold Memorial Hospital at 320 N Main St, Lockney, TX 79241

There is no need to continue to travel outside of the community simply because this is what you have always done. If you or a loved one is currently traveling to areas like Lubbock or Amarillo for IV infusion therapy, please call and speak with our dedicated case manager and find out more about our remarkable service. We will work with your specialist doctor to make sure you receive the medication and service you need in your local community.

Please call our dedicated case manager today to find out if outpatient infusion therapy is right for you at 806-652-0031.

W.J Mangold Memorial Hospital and Cogdell Clinics Adopt New Patient-Friendly Cardiac Digital Health Solution for Early AFib Detection and Diagnosis

W.J. Mangold Memorial Hospital has integrated innovative wearable ECG technology from Cardiac Insight, Inc., expanding its offerings to patients to better diagnose atrial fibrillation (AFib or AF), the most common type of treated heart arrhythmia, both in-office and through telehealth. An estimated 2.7 to 6.1 million people in the U.S. live with this arrhythmia. While AFib itself is typically not life-threatening, complications from AFib include increased risk for heart problems and heart failure, and increased risk for stroke.

The Cardea SOLO™ disposable wearable ECG sensor is applied to the patient at our Clinic. After a seven-day wear period, the patient returns the sensor to our office by mail or in person. Cardea SOLO's algorithm-based software automatically analyzes ECG data to detect abnormal rhythms including AFib. Within five minutes of connecting the patient's sensor to the Cardea SOLO, a comprehensive report is produced to direct clinical decision-making and begin treatment, if required, as soon as possible.

For more information, please contact Elvia Holguin, Clinic Manager or make an appointment to see your primary care provider in Lockney at 806-652-3373 or Silverton at 806-475-5800.

WJ Mangold Memorial Hospital Lowers P.T. Prices

At it's meeting on April 28th , the Lockney General Hospital District Board received a report from CEO Vince DiFranco showing price comparisons of Physical Therapy services with various other hospitals. Based on that data, the Board decided to lower Physical Therapy (PT) charges on key and frequently used services by 20% to 30%.

"I had heard complaints about our PT charges from patients that wanted to use our services", stated DiFranco. "With many hospitals publishing their chargemaster on their website, I was able to research and compare charges for Physical Therapy". "We have excellent staff in our Physical Therapy Department and have great outcomes with patients, so it was disappointing to hear that some patients were seeking care elsewhere only because of cost", he said.

The WJ Mangold Physical Therapy Department offers many services to improve function and mobility for patients including recovery from sports injuries and surgery. They are also the only facility in the region with a certified pelvic physical therapist to assist patients in pelvic issues such as pelvic pain, incontinence, pre/post partum issues, and prostate issues.

The research DiFranco performed confirmed that the patient feedback was accurate. He then prepared a report with a recommendation that prices be adjusted to more closely match the charges at other facilities. "I appreciate that patients called to share their experience with me", DiFranco said, "now we have removed that reason and more people can use our excellent PT Department".

New ER/Hospitalist Physician Joins W.J. Mangold Memorial Hospital

The Board and Administration of the Lockney General Hospital District are pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Emily Capt as a new physician serving the Emergency Department and inpatient care at W.J. Mangold Memorial Hospital.

Dr. Capt was born and raised in Lubbock, Texas and received her Bachelors Degree in Nutritional Sciences with a minor in Chemistry from Texas Tech University. She then received her Doctor of Medicine Degree from the TTUHSC Paul L. Foster School of Medicine in El Paso, Texas. Dr. Capt recently completed her Residency in Family Medicine from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in Lubbock. She became part of the Emergency Department schedule at W. J. Mangold on August 1st joining Dr. JoBeth Augustyniak and Dr. Jade Ireland as full-time physicians serving the emergency department and admitting patients at the hospital.

The hospital CEO Vince DiFranco said, "We expect Dr. Capt to be a great addition to our team of providers. Her familiarity with West Texas, her strong medical training and her compassionate practice style make her an excellent fit to serve our community."

July 25, 2022
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