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Health Career Scholarships

W.J. Mangold Memorial Hospital provides health career scholarships to students seeking training in a health career field at an accredited school.

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Eligibility for a Scholarship:

Consideration is limited to students who are enrolled in a health care professional sequence for the upcoming academic year. Pre-nursing, pre-medical, pre-pharmacy, applicants are not eligible until they are accepted into nursing courses, medical school, etc. Pre-requisites for your major must have been completed before applying.

Applicants enrolled in an associate degree or hospital-based program will be considered their first year.

Preferred applicants will be residents of the Lockney General Hospital District. Strong consideration will also be provided to residents or students of Floyd and Briscoe Counties.

Colleges or universities attended must be accredited or recognized by the appropriate agencies.

Students may reapply for these scholarships.

Facts Pertaining to the Scholarships:

Scholarships are awarded for an academic year (2 semesters or 3 quarters) based on the student's achievement, financial need and the availability of funds. The Committee may provide a commitment to fund a scholarship for the duration of the health education program until expected graduation.

The award is to be applied toward tuition, fees, board and room or books.

The awards will be sent to the school designated by the recipient.

If the recipient fails to complete the school term, the scholarship money is to be returned to W.J. Mangold Memorial Hospital.

If awarded a scholarship, the student is required to sign a promissory note committed to paying back the scholarship money if he/she does not fulfill an obligation to work at W.J. Mangold Memorial Hospital for a designated time frame based on the amount of the scholarship award.

Application Requirements:

Applicants are to return the completed application, along with the following:

Official transcript of college or other post-high school grades (or high school transcript if enrolled as a current student).

One letter of recommendation from a professional reference (i.e. teacher, counselor, employer).

One letter of recommendation from a personal reference.

Proof of enrollment in a health career program from the institution you plan to attend for the upcoming academic year.

Attach an additional essay describing you, your interests, your reasons for pursuing a career in healthcare and how this scholarship would help you to achieve your goals. Also, explain any personal and/or financial special needs that you would like the selection committee to consider. This essay must remain under 500 words.

All material is to be submitted to Administration or Human Resources by April 15.

Please note: Incomplete applications will not be considered.